Basic Computer Skills

Our goal is to give you a solid foundation on Basic Computer Skills. Course taker will learn Basic Computer Skills such as developing hand-eye coordination by mouse usage and basic keyboard skills such as text production. Learners will also be introduced to various aspects of MS Word, MS Excel and Ms Power Point.


This course will teach learner basic concepts of the Internet and internet browsers. Course taker will also learn how to use and configure web browsers; use the Internet to locate, transfer, and publish information; use e-mail services. Internet & Email course will also contain a topic of security threats and countermeasures when using Internet.

Microsoft Office Package

The aim of this course is to give learner a basic introduction to Microsoft Office Suite and prepare course taker for in-depth learning for the more advanced elements of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. This course is aimed at participants who wish to gain advanced knowledge in the Microsoft Office environment.


Welcome to Inlife Training Institute!

Inlife Training Institute is a training centre for education, located in Port Louis. Being an MQA registered training institute, we offer low-cost, high-quality computer literacy training. As such, we offer a wide range of computer training courses that cover everything from basic PC literacy to advanced Microsoft courses designed to help users get the most out of the software they use on a daily basis.

As changes in technology have accelerated, it has become essential for people to master technology to be productive, invaluable employees - who optimize, program and invent solutions - and even grow companies of their own.

Why Choose Us

Being MQA and TEC Registered Training Institute we offer a wide range of courses for all age groups.

The courses that we provide are all accredited courses and will be offered for all age groups.

We offer you a flexible class schedule to make it possible for you to achieve your education on your own terms.

We offer a range of short computer courses to benefit those who wish to upskill or retrain in a particular area.

Creativity can be achieved through the courses that we provide.

Balance of Theory and applied learning are provided to our students.

Inlife Training Institute can help those who wish to advance or move into a new area of technology.

We want to bring back the right to everyone by making education available to all classes of society through affordable quality education.

Leading hands-on learning institute for digital media, website development and computer networking.

We will Take Care of Your IT Knowledge

The Institute will allow common people to gain knowledge and our classes will attract the most dedicated, intelligent and motivated students of all ages. Students will be able to exchange experiences and ideas.

Our Courses

Basic Computer Skills

In this course, students will gain skills and knowledge required to operate a computer and to perform common tasks. This course is great for adults with no previous computer experience.

HTML 5 & CSS 3

The aim of this course is to provide essential knowledge and skills for designing, publishing and maintaining websites for personal or professional use.


The aim of this course is to teach candidates how to create eye catching designs and to prepare candidates to improve digital photos with editing.

Advanced Course(PHP, JQuery & Bootstrap)

In this course, students will learn advanced features of HTML5 & CSS3, PHP & MySQL, JQuery, and Bootstrap to build complex, mobile friendly and dynamic websites.

Our Teachers

Our classes are taught by an enthusiastic group of Qualified Trainers who will provide a relaxing atmosphere so that our students can feel relaxed without the heavy formal, social pressures and stresses of the mainstream workforce but still carry a high degree of pride and discipline. All our trainers are qualified and receive training on a regular basis to update their knowledge and skills.

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